Transformative Digital Learning for General Education Following Covid-19 Impact (CovidEdu TDL)

Project number: 2021-1-LV01-KA220-SCH-000032781

Budget: 102 614,00 Eur

Funding: The cost of the project partner is EUR 26578.00 from the financing of the Erasmus+ programme

Project partners: University Of Cukurova, Turkey

Ecoinstituto del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Fundacja im. Zofii Zamenhof, Poland

Project goal: The objective of CovidEduTDL project is to develop the digital competence training program, including digital competence framework and self-assessment tool adopted to partner-countries, and to create the multimedia handbook on remote teaching-learning finalized to general education teachers/educators.

Project activities: Activities to prepare for and develop the digital learning environment will help to address the new challenges and problems that have arisen as a result of the sudden transition of the education system to online and distance learning following Covid-19 impact. The focus is on the development of teachers'/educators' digital competences, ensuring equal opportunities for learning and teaching various experience.

The CovidEduTDL project involve four partners that have a long experience in educators' learning/teaching scope, experimented with ICT practical usage and perspective. They will put together their theoretical and practical experience to realize a training package to support educators' TDL. To this purpose, the project aims will include:

1) Basing on DigComp Framework to design DigComp Index following Covid-19 Impact adopted to partner countries in the context of TDL;

2) Basing on the DigComp Index following Covid-19 Impact to develop the self- assessment tool for digital competence adopted to local challenges and realities of partner countries;

3) The training program design and development for digital education readiness for general school teachers/educators; including pilot course;

4) The development of multimedia handbook on remote teaching-learning finalized to teachers. The basic digital skills necessary will be provided.

Project results: Preliminary research about Covid-19 impact has been conducted within Fundamental and Applied Research project DocTDLL in co-operation with the Ontario University, Canada. It showed that as for teachers/educators and students, it is necessary to introduce new innovative competence to pass from an emergency remote teaching-learning (ERT) to a professional remote teaching-learning (PRT).

Accordingly, this project will conceive, develop, and disseminate an innovative approach to PRT as well as produce good practices to support it. The CovidEduTDL project will realize an educational package providing educator and teaching staff with competence and skills on PRT that include the awareness of socialization impact due to the lack of in-person contacts. The CovidEduTDL is innovative since it realizes:

-  An innovative educational package based on the integration of various effective teaching-learning methodologies, such as Digital Social Learning and Online Collaborative Learning, and experiences.

-  An online “smart learning environment” integrating online topical learning practices, e.g., Adaptive Learning, Online Peerlearning, Online Participatory Learning, Digital Social Learning, and Online Collaborative Learning.

-  An advanced use of structured learning units to create personalized learning paths in an online environment.

Furthermore, CovidEduTDL is innovative for the following reasons:

- it will use “Pattern Learning” and “Inquiry-Based Learning” in a smart learning environment for tasks creation and development according to subjects requirements;

- it integrates topical learning practices with smart technologies (interactive/intelligent learning guidance, feedback by learning analytics, automatically personalized learning paths, participation in virtual events and engagements) in order to motivate learners to continuous learning (life-long learning);

- it is finalized to support Continuing Professional Development using the resources available on the internet, that is the necessity nowadays.

Project implementation team: K.Laganovska, L.Danilāne, S.Ušča, A.Āboliņa

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Phone: +371 29336118


Project administrator:

Dr.paed., Līga Danilāne

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