The RTA Scientific Research Strategy 2019-2023 includes a plan to modernise and integrate the sector of research and education increasing its capability to respond to future challenges in research and the development of technologies and innovations contributing to the introduction of products created during studies in the national economy and raising the standard of living.

Based on the RTA Scientific Research Strategy 2019-2023, the vision of the Institute is to become the leading institute in social sciences in Latgale region.

The goal of the Institute is to conduct scientific research and develop innovative technologies that contribute to the economy of Latvia and the sustainable development and competitiveness of the field of social sciences.

As a new organisational unit of RTA, the Institute has to strengthen and develop its scientific potential over the next six years. At present, a strong network of proactive academic and scientific staff who are ready to contribute to scientific progress has been established at the Institute. Besides, given the technological resources of RTA and progress in science-based technologies, the academic staff of the Institute are ready to impart their knowledge to students creating new and innovative solutions in the fields of economics and other social sciences. In addition, the academic staff plan to expand their scope of responsibility and focus on research in sciences, such as communication, multimedia communication and marketing as well as broaden the circle of academics.

Over the next six years, the challenge is to stabilise the role of the Institute in the scientific environment contributing to scientific research in economics and other social sciences and industrial processes in Latvia, thereby fostering economic growth and social development in Latvia and Latgale region in particular.

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