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Geotechnical and Eco-Industrial Research Center

The goal of Geotechnical and Eco-Industrial Research Center of the Faculty of Engineering is to conduct research in the field of environmental protection, environmental technologies, natural resources, agro-ecology, development of new eco-industrial products, as well as to integrate research results into study process.

Study fields

Natural sciences (according to OECD)

  • Earth and environmental sciences

Activity areas

  • Environmental protection
  • Environmental technologies
  • Natural resources and agro-ecology issues
  • Development of new eco-industrial products


RTA project “Research Grant of Rezekne Academy of Technologies” New Functional Composite Material Obtained from Carbon Fibres and Fibre Plants (project manager J.Prols, duration- 2017).


WORD Publications

Cooperation and services

  • Development of technologies for full and rational use of natural resources and secondary raw materials;
  • Development of soil and water treatment, and soil filtration models;
  • Study on sewage treatment technologies;
  • Development and implementation of new and current soil testing models;
  • Commercialization of research results and integration into study process and economy.


Acting Head, Leading Researcher

Dr. geol.,
Jānis Prols


Leading researcher

Edgars Čubars


Expert of LCS, Leading researcher

Guest professor, Dr.hab.geol.,
Gotfrīds Noviks


Leading researcher

Ziedonis Miklašēvičs
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