1. Basic documents

WORD Code of ethics of RTA

WORD RTA Human Resource Development Plan 2018-2023

WORD Operation and development strategy of RTA 2016 –2023

2. Quality management systems

WORD RTA Quality Management Handbook

3. Student admission strategy and tactics (aspects of quality and accessibility)

WORD Regulation on matriculation and exmatriculation at RTA

WORD Regulation on academic recognition of study courses by the RTA

4. Student assessment (criteria, methods, supervision)

WORD Regulation for the procedure of examination and test session In RTA

WORD Methodological recommendations for organization of students' independent work in RTA

WORD Regulation on internship in RTA

WORD Regulation for the state and final examinations In the RTA


5. Organization of the study process, approval, supervision and regular control of programs and degrees to be awarded

WORD Regulation on academic and vocational studies and study programs at the RTA

WORD Regulation on director of study programme/module/specialization at RTA

WORD Regulation on recognition of competences acquired outside the formal education or through professional experience and learning outcomes acquired in prior education by the RTA

WORD Regulation on councils of academic disciplines in RTA

WORD Provisions on development of study course programs in RTA

WORD Procedure of annual self-evaluation of study directions and respective study programmes at Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA)

6. Cooperation with employers and their involvement in the evaluation and improvement of the learning process

WORD Regulation on internship in RTA

WORD Regulation for the state and final examinations In the RTA

WORD Regulation on expert councils of academic disciplines in RTA

7. Quality assurance of academic staff (evaluation, control, support, replacement)

WORD RTA academic staff development plan 2018-2023

WORD Regulation of academic positions in RTA

WORD Regulation for lecturers of the RTA

WORD Provisions for planning, accounting, control and payment of educational methodological developments

WORD Procedures for planning and accounting of study work amount of academic staff in RTA in academic year 2019/2020

WORD Procedure for Evaluation of Work Quality of Academic Staff at RTA

WORD RTA Human Resource Development Plan 2018-2023

8. Collaboration with secondary schools (extracurricular activities, teacher training, impact on the learning process)


9. Informing the public about the study programs offered and the degrees to be awarded


10. Scientific work

PDF Regulation for Scientific Activity in the RTA

PDF Strategy of Scientific Activity 2019-2023

11. Students' self-government

PDF Regulation for the students council of RTA

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