Study programme: Economics and Business

Type of programme: Doctoral study programmes
Study field: Study field "Information Technologies, Computer Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications, Computer Management and Computer Science"
Programme director:
Professor, Dr.oec.,
Iveta Mietule
Code of programme: 51345
Accreditation: 01.07.2013 - 31.12.2020
License: - 05.02.2020
Qualification awarded: Doctor`s degree (Ph.D.) in Economics and Business
Requirements: successfully acquired study programme, defended doctoral thesis
Amount of credits: 120
Duration of studies (full-time): 3 years
Study fee EUR (full-time):
Duration of studies (part-time):
Study fee EUR (part-time):

The goal of the study programme

The aim of the programme is to implement doctoral-level academic studies in business and economics, prepare highly qualified experts (specialists) capable of producing new knowledge in the field and obtain a PhD degree conforming to international standards.

Programme Outcomes


  1. Understanding of the theories of economics, management science and entrepreneurship, their formation and development, as well as current trends in Latvia, Europe and the world.
  2. Understanding of the importance of social sciences in the development of society, creation of added value, promotion of state welfare and solving problem situations in certain sectors of national economy and economy in general.
  3. Understanding of the factors affecting sustainable, inclusive and sustainable economic growth and the use of new approaches to management in uncertain and dynamic circumstances.
  4. Is familiar with the selection, justification, adaptation (both quantitative and qualitative research methods) of new and proven methods and development of methodology in the fields of economics, management science and entrepreneurship, and in contact with other scientific disciplines, interdisciplinary approach in research.
  5. Is familiar with copyrights and an efficient and flexible approach to the use and collection of current and historical research data.


  1. Ability to analyse and interpret global processes, theories, policies using the experience and examples of world-renowned organizations in economics, management and business.
  2. Ability to use information technology solutions in research and business, incl. data visualization methods.
  3. Ability to use technology, big data analysis and forecasting (Forecast and Foreseen) to create future scenarios through original research, some of which is at the level of internationally quoted publications.


  1. Ability to independently and systematically find, analyse and synthesize information on the basis of scientific databases and other information sources.
  2. Ability to independently evaluate and reasonably select research-appropriate methods and methodologies in uncertain and dynamic circumstances to create innovative solutions for sustainable economic growth.
  3. Ability to communicate and discuss, both orally and in written, literature on economics, management science and business, current research and findings with students, scientists, professionals and the general public in Latvia and in an international environment.
  4. Ability to manage business, management and research processes in companies, institutions and organizations, using the latest research-based knowledge and skills and complying with ethics and the principles of social responsibility.
  5. Ability to address field related issues and make complex decisions using design thinking principles and knowledge of consumer needs, behavioural change, circular economy, responsible business, general social skills, and emotional intelligence.
  6. Ability to independently improve his/her scientific qualification.


Programme Contents

Qualitative Research Methods

Quantitative Research Methods

Trends in Business and Economics

Competence Assessment

Scientific Writing

Science Communication

Scientific Work, incl. publications, conference reports, winter/summer school, colloquium.

Graduate Opportunities

Doctoral studies will develop doctoral students’ critical analytical research skills by integrating theoretical knowledge with applied research and problem solving.

Scientists, applied researchers, experts, high-level professionals for analytical, research and leadership positions in the public and private sector have been trained, which will increase the quality and capacity of research in Latvia, Europe and the Common Space of Research.

Admission requirements

Master’s degree in Social Sciences.

For Latvian citizens and non-citizens of Latvia:

  • Interview on the application essay or issues related to publications submitted;
  • Master`s thesis grade;
  • number of publications in indexed sources and participation in scientific conferences;
  • number of publications in general sources and participation in conferences of local importance;
  • experience in management or analytics.

Foreign students with a Master’s degree and equivalent qualification (Academic Information Centre opinion) and English level B2 attested by an internationally recognized certificate or English proficiency assessment by a higher education institution.

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