Study programme: Business Management

Type of programme: Bachelor study programmes
Study field: Study field "Management, administration and real estate management"
Programme director:
Professor, Dr.oec.,
Iluta Arbidāne
Code of programme: 43345
Accreditation: 01.07.2013 - 31.12.2021
License: 25.03.2020 - 04.05.2019
Qualification awarded: Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management and Administration
Requirements: Acquired programme, defended bachelor`s thesis
Amount of credits: 120
Duration of studies (full-time): 3 years
Study fee per year EUR (full-time): 2400 EUR (non-EU citizens), 1630 EUR (EU citizens)
Duration of studies (part-time):
Study fee per year EUR (part-time):

Goal of the study programme

To prepare students for work in the field of business management in the public and private sectors, as well as to direct students to scientific research work, thus ensuring the competitiveness of graduates in the Latvian and international labour market.

Results of the study programme


• Is able to demonstrate the basic and specialized knowledge of management science and a critical understanding of this knowledge, part of which corresponds to the highest level of achievement in economics and business.

• Is able to demonstrate the understanding of the most important concepts and regularities of management science.


• Is able to perform professional, innovative or research activities using the acquired theoretical foundations and skills.

• Is able to formulate and analytically describe the information, problems and solutions of the economic and business sector, explain them and discuss them reasonably with both specialists and non-specialists.

• Is able to independently structure own learning, to direct own and subordinates towards further learning and professional development.

• Is able to demonstrate a scientific approach to problem solving, take responsibility and initiative working individually, in a team or leading other people’s work.

• Is able to make decisions and find creative solutions under changing or uncertain conditions.


• Is able to independently obtain, select and analyse information as well as use it.

• Is able to make decisions and solve problems in the field of business management.

• Is able to demonstrate the understanding of business ethics.

• Is able to evaluate the impact of his/her professional activity on the environment and society.

• Able to participate in the development of the professional field of business.

Admission requirements

Annual grade for the subject in the document on secondary education, which is equated to the centralized examination:

• Mathematics;

• Basics of Economics;

• English.

To be passed:

- discussions about studies at RTA;

- test in mathematics.

To be submitted: A document certifying language proficiency issued by an international testing institution within the past five years, which certifies the foreigner’s proficiency in English at least at the level B2. It is not required to attach the document, if the foreigner has acquired the previous education in English. If there is no International Certificate on English proficiency or the language of previous education was not English, the applicant has to pass the examination. The result of the examination will be passed if the English knowledge comply at least with the level B2.

Access to further studies

Master studies

Final test, if any

Bachelor’s thesis

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