Eliminating Social Exclusion (EliSE) Project Nr. 2019-1-LV01-KA204-060427

  • Funding

    The total cost of the project is EUR 203 096.00 from the Erasmus+ programme.


    Resposible person (project manager)

    Project manager
    PhD Līga Danilāne
    Phone: +371 29474886
    e-mail: Liga.Danilane@rta.lv
    Project content manager
    PhD Velta Lubkina
    Phone: +371 26121040


    Project partners

    Wyzsza szkola pedagogiczna im. Janusza korczaka w Warszawie, Poland

    Ecoistituto del friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

    Interdisciplinary Network of Special and Intercultural Education INCLUDE, Greece

    Saricam Halk Egitimi Merkezi, Turkey

    National Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria, Bulgaria


    Project goal

    The principal objective of the EliSE project is supporting parents of children with behavioral disturbs realizing an educational parent-training module for “fair traveling” in European countries and an educational toolkit.


    Project results

    This project foresees four Intellectual Outputs:

    IO1: Model representing the various aspects which characterize travels of families with children affected by behavioral disturbs. It consists of a descriptive model for Fair Traveling that represents the main features of:

    • the typical behaviors of these families;
    • their objective and subjective issues;
    • the possible solutions (with the underlying theoretic references as well as best practices, constraints, and barriers).

    IO2: Online collaborative learning infrastructure. This IO aims at implementing the online collaborative learning infrastructure creating a smart learning environment. Our online learning infrastructure provides users with collaborative tools designed for this specific purpose as well as services such as forums, links, wiki, etc. and a repository of best practices.

    IO3: Blended learning module for educators: “Supporting families with children affected by behavioral disturbs”. This IO aims at educating educators to support families with children affected by behavioral disturbs. Our learning module is designed according to ECVETT principles. On this purpose, learning activities foresee outcomes which refer “knowledge”, “skills”, and “competences”. Following the ECVETT principles, for each learning outcome, partners will establish precise results that will be validated and evaluated.

    IO4: Toolkit for Fair Traveling and Policy recommendations. This IO aims at implementing:

    1. An interactive toolkit (the "Fair Traveling" toolkit) for supporting families of children with special needs when they are traveling as well as social educators;
    2. Recommendation for social educators; social services; companies delivering travel services

    The projects impact includes:

    • more active participation in society (social educators, parents, children, and stakeholders); • improved competences, linked to professional profiles (social educators);
    • better understanding of practices in education and training (educational institutions);
    • more strategic and integrated use of ICTs and open educational resources (OER) in education and training (for educators, parents, and educational institutions);
    • reinforced interaction between practice, research, and policy (educators, Parents’ Associations, Policymakers, Travel services companies).