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Other projects

Other projects: „Ārzemju baltistikas centru un Lietuvas zinātnisko institūciju sadarbības veicināšana”/ „Strengthening of Collaboration Between Baltic Studies Centres Abroad and Lithuanian Institutions of Higher Education and Research” No. 09.3.1-ESFA-V-709

Project duration: 01.09.2015 - 01.09.2021 | Funding, EUR: 5800000

The goal of the project is to strengthen collaboration between Lithuanistics (Baltic studies) centres outside Lithuania and Lithuanian Institutions of Higher Education and Research.

Responsible persons

Project coordinator in Latvia: RTA Dr. philol. Antra Kļavinska.

Project coordinator in Lithuania: Asoc. prof. Dr. Laimute Anglickiene (Vytautas Magnus University), e-mail: l.anglickiene@hmf.vdu.lt


Consortium of collaboration with Lithuanistics (Baltic studies) centres abroad formed by Vilnius University, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, and Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania.


Lithuanistics and Baltic studies centres outside Lithuania, including RTA Baltic Philology Research Centre (participants: academic staff and students of study field “Language and cultural studies, native language studies and language programmes”).

Planned activities and outcomes

  •  Baltic studies (Lithuanistics) in digital environment.
  • Long-term training of Lithuanian language and culture in Lithuanistics centres abroad.
  • Short-term visits to Baltic studies (Lithuanistics) centres abroad.  
  • Traineeship and study visits in Lithuania.   
  • Partial study and traineeship in Lithuania for students from abroad centres.
  • Organization of educational activities.
  • Organization of conferences and seminars.
  • Baltic studies (Lithuanistics) academic staff competence development.
  • Preparing and issuing learning materials for Lithuanistics studies.
  • Allocation of issued learning materials to Lithuanistics centres.

Contact information

RTA Faculty of Education, languages, and design

lecturer Dr. philol. Antra Kļavinska

E-mail: antra.klavinska@rta.lv

Telephone: +371 28357259

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