Approbation of the academic bachelor`s study programme “Business Management”

Monday, 28. december
On 1 September 2020, the Faculty of Economics and Management of Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA) started to implement the academic bachelor`s study programme “Business Management”. The programme has been developed within the framework of the RTA project No.

Under the conditions of the project, with the aim to improve the study programme in accordance with experts` recommendations, the new study programme had to be approbated prior to the accreditation of the study field “Management, Administration, and Real Estate Management” implemented at the Faculty of Economics and Management.

In November-December 2020, the content of the study programme and results of approbation were evaluated by three experts: Ewa Rollnik-Sadowska, Assistant Professor, Vice Dean at Bialystok University of Technology (Poland), who has experience in the development and management of higher education study programmes and experience in project management and quality assessment, Diāna Zirniņa, Director of GORS Concert Hall as a representative of employers, and Sandis Proms, 3rd year student of RTA study programme “Business Administration” (study module “Marketing Manager”) as a representative of students.

During the approbation process, the study process documentation was studied and a discussion of the academic staff involved in the implementation of the study programme was organized. Besides, student survey and study of the opinion of Latgale region business sector representatives on the expected contribution of the newly established study programme to the development of the region have been conducted. It is planned that a summary of the approbation results on the strengths and weaknesses as well as improvement opportunities of the programme will be presented to the management of the study programme and the RTA administration at the end of December 2020.

The article has been drawn up within the framework of the RTA ESF project No. “The reduction of fragmentation of the study programmes and strengthening the sharing of the resources in the study directions “Management, administration and real estate management” and “Mechanics and metalworking, heat power industry, heat engineering and mechanical engineering” at Rezekne Academy”.

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