RTA lecturer assesses clothing collections created by RSAD students

Monday, 29. june

Within the framework of the project “Strengthening the academic staff of Rezekne Academy of Technologies in the study field “Education, pedagogy and sports”” (project No., Lecturer of Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA), Director of the study programme “Clothing Design and Technology”, Head of the study direction “Production and Processing” Mg.paed., Mg.design Silvija Mežinska undergoes internship at Rezekne School of Art and Design (RSAD) and gains significant experience. S. Mežinska`s mentor is Skaidrīte Romančuka, a teacher of the RSAD Clothing Design Programme, and, like at RTA, the daily life of the students of the Clothing Design Programme at RSAD is creative and full of various activities.

 “In February and March, several students were preparing for the second round of the State Competition 2019/2020 for students of art and design education programmes implemented at Latvian vocational secondary education institutions. The aim of the competition was to identify the needs and opportunities for the further development of the professional cultural education system in the field of clothing design and the fashion industry. The participants were given homework: to create a shoulder garment under the “Effective Square” theme taking into account the requirements for creative work. The task of the participants in the second round in Liepaja was to create an extraordinary costume made of microfiber material and dedicated to the anniversary of Liepaja (source of inspiration - video and music). The nominated authors demonstrated their homework at a fashion show during the event “20 MOD 20” in the concert hall “Lielais dzintars” on 11 March 2020. The competition promoted the improvement of students' knowledge and skills in the field of clothing and accessory design. Also, the students' ability to apply the experience gained in the study process in practice was evaluated,” says S.Mežinska.

On 16 June 2020, the Clothing Design Education Programme qualification examination was held. RTA lecturer S. Mežinska was invited to act as the deputy chairperson of the commission (Chairman of the commission - Head of the Fashion Art Department of the Latvian Academy of Arts Māra Binde,). The defense of the qualification works took place in the Latgale Museum of Cultural History where eight students defended their works.

 “The professional qualification examination consisted of a theoretical and a practical part. The content of the theoretical part of the qualification paper included: the description of the topics and sources of inspiration for the chosen clothing collection, topicality argumentation; work objectives and tasks; research of clothing collection analogues - silhouette, colour, details; stylistic research and feasibility, cultural-historical references; description of the collection - aesthetically artistic implementation, functionality, consumer and price group and choice of appropriate materials and technologies; description of the work process, application technologies, substantiation of technical solutions, calculation of labour and material costs; appendices showing the work process, photos, sketches, photos of the finished clothing collection. A clothing collection consisting of at least five clothing sets,” says the RTA lecturer.

S. Mežinska emphasizes that the assessment was also very specific and detailed, “The assessment criteria for the theoretical part were: formulation of objectives and tasks, correspondence of work structure and design, use of terms, language, information sources, clothing collection characteristics, argumentation of stylistic, research and analysis of analogues, work process description, analysis of work results and conclusions, reflection of the work process and collection in the appendices. The assessment criteria of the practical part were topicality of the project work idea, stylistics, and creativity; aesthetic and technical solution of the project work. The criteria for the assessment of presentation of the clothing collection and presentation materials were: the functionality of the clothing collection and compliance with the user; aesthetic solution of the clothing collection: stylistic solution in a fashion show; quality of the technical solution. The complexity and workload of the work was also assessed, as well as the oral presentation and ability to answer questions.”

According to S. Mežinska, in general, very good results were presented as the students had developed creative and stylistically different clothing collections. The names of the collections, such as “Parallels”, “Metamorphoses”, and “Valence” demonstrated the students' philosophical and conceptual views in the development of the collection design. Students' works are exhibited at the Latgale Museum of Cultural History.

The RTA lecturer admits that the opportunity provided by the project - to undergo an internship at a school - provides a very important experience, because it is possible to compare the professional qualification requirements set for different levels of education.

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Photo by Kaspars Ratnieks


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