Let`s help RTA graduate Jānis Riekstiņš!

Monday, 1. june
Jānis Riekstiņš, graduate of the bachelor`s study programme “Mechatronics” and master`s programme “Laser Technologies” of Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA), has been badly hit by a serious health problems and needs our help.

Jānis`s home town is Ilūkste, but he has studies engineering science at the Faculty of Engineering, RTA. Taking the opportunities provided by the Erasmus+ programme, Jānis has also studied in Technical University of Gabrovo (Bulgaria).

At RTA, Jānis met Simona from Slovakia who had come to Rezekne for studies within the Erasmus+ programme. After graduation, Jānis moved to Slovakia and they had a peaceful and happy life together, until one morning when everything changed.  Although Jānis had any health problems before, he started to feel tingling in his limbs in March 2019 and soon he did not feel them at all. It turned out that Jānis had a ruptured blood vessel next to the spinal cord. At the age of 27, Jānis became paralysed from the neck down and was ventilator dependent.

According to Ilze Kravcova, graduate of the Faculty of Engineering and a friend of Jānis and Simona`s family, “Lots of work has been done in collaboration with health care professionals as Jānis had been on ventilation for a long time. Then he started to breathe himself and was taken off the ventilator. Simona says doctors offer hope that Jānis might recover, but his body is very weakened. Simona has found a good international rehabilitation centre ADELI MEDICAL CENTER which specialises in treating patients with neurological disorders. Jānis`s state is moderate. Certain improvements have been achieved and, according to check-ups, he recoveries, but needs financial support to fully recover. Hospital stay, doctor consultations, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists cost a lot. If you can afford to help Jānis to recover, please, donate!”

Let`s help Jānis Riekstiņš!

You can donate through the following bank account:

IBAN: SK1983300000002101813114

Account holder: Kotianová Simona

Account name: Kotianova Simona



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