Online Erasmus event unites RTA students

Wednesday, 27. may
This semester is unusual for everyone, including Erasmus students of Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA), who spend internships and studies outside their country. Taking into account the initiative of students, as well as to encourage, support and involve foreign students of our academy into creative activities, the first online Erasmus event took place at RTA in May.

Students were given the task of preparing a short, creative presentation about themselves, their hobbies, the city or country they come from, the traditions or anything that would allow to get to know each other better. Students were creative in performing the task – they danced, played games, demonstrated videos and presentations.

The event was organized via the Zoom platform; therefore the RTA External Relations Department was also able to be online-part of the event.

The co-organiser of the event, RTA foreign student Risham Singh says, “The Erasmus Evening event was really interesting! Although quarantine has introduced some adjustments in the organisation of events and alienated our society, this event tore down the barriers and allowed international students to get to know each other, learn more about each other, about their homeland, traditions, culture and countries. Such events should be organized at the beginning of each Erasmus, as they are a great way to make new friends. Friendship and creativity vibrated in the atmosphere of the event.”

Thanks to everyone who participated! New and creative solutions are the best way how to solve non-standard situations.


Ilze Mežinska,

External Relations Coordinator, Faculty of Engineering

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