Lectures on fashion design by the lecturers from Vilnius University of Applied Sciences

Friday, 29. november
Within the framework of the Erasmus+ mobility programme, the lecturers Monika Polunina and Gražina Skripkiene representing the Faculty of Arts and Creative Technologies of Vilnius University of Applied Sciences visited Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA) from November 25 to 29.

The main purpose of the visit was to exchange academic experience, maintain long-term cooperation and exchange ideas between the two higher education institutions, as well as to discuss new joint projects.

M. Polunina delivered lectures to the students of the 1st level professional higher education study programme “Clothing Design and Technology” and professional master`s study programme “Design” and taught practical skills in the development of new garments on the basis of AccuMark and PDS software (Gerber Technology).

In G. Skripkiene`s lectures and master classes, RTA`s lecturers and students of clothing and interior design programmes acquired knowledge on the designing of products using different textile decoration techniques. Particular attention was paid to chenille techniques.

It is noteworthy that the lecturer had given particular consideration to the content of the lectures and the theme of the master class was “Textile Decoration Techniques in the Context of Christmas” which could be successfully used in both costume and interior design.

Within the visit, on November 26, the exhibition of the creative work - collection “Unsponsored” by the graduate of the Department of Fashion Design of Vilnius University of Applied Sciences Dovile Šiškutė was opened at the Art Terrace of RTA.

Addressing the audience, Director of the study programme “Clothing Design and Technology”, Silvija Mežinska noted that the exhibition is another proof of the successful and long-term cooperation between RTA and Vilnius University of Applied Sciences and emphasized that such cooperation is very important and knowledge enriches both sides.

According to G. Skripkiene, the student made the outfits as part of her diploma work and its purpose is to reflect and emphasize contemporary issue - the collection is dedicated to a powerful emancipated woman. Feminism, gender equality and the role of women in modern society are at the centre of creativity. The exhibition also presents another contemporary feature as the author has chosen a men's suit as the basic material, thus emphasizing both the theme of emancipation and the importance of recycling.

  1. Skripkiene thanked RTA for the opportunity to present her students' works and noted that this collection had received good feedback in Lithuania.

Especially warm was G. Skripkiene's address to the RTA students, “Love your land. Take the opportunity to study abroad, gain experience, but return home!”


RTA Public Relations Department

Photo by Māris Justs

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