Lectures by PhD Joanna Lizut at RTA

Tuesday, 28. may
Within the project No. "Strengthening the academic staff of the study field "Education, Pedagogy, and Sports" at Rezekne Academy of Technologies", from 21 November 2018 until 31 May 2019, PhD Joanna Lizut from Janusz Korczak Pedagogical University in Warsaw (Poland) delivered lectures at Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA).

Educating for future jobs, Cyberbullying - Prevention and Intervention, challenges for social educators, Social work challenges, these are the topics of the lectures offered by Joanna Lizut ar RTA.

Speaking about one of the issues addressed in her lectures, J.Lizut notes that cyberbullying is escalating and statistics shows that schools, parents, and social educators have faced this problem while working with children and particularly with youngsters.

"I think that in the future we will have many problems related to cyberbullying and misuse of technical devices, such as computers, phones, and others, therefore, I`m interested in this issue," says J.Lizut .

As the main tool for solving the problem J.Lizut considers education. "Prevention is the main important thing but, of course, sometimes we cannot prevent, therefore we have to start educating children very early, just when they start to use a computer and internet. I really appreciated the project dedicated to parents “Be a friend of your child”.  I think it`s very important to participate in your child` s life and interests, because, if they get interested in internet, you cannot stop them, you can be a part of their life, both the real and virtual, because it`s important for them. Also, schools must have special regulations and programmes how to deal with incidents connected with aggression and cyberbullying, but, of course, education is the main issue to prevent and solve this problem," notes the lecturer. 

J.Lizut is experienced participant and manager of projects. "The main benefit of participation in projects,” she says “is the opportunity to learn about different cultures, meet people with different attitudes, background, and history. That`s the main reason why I involve in projects. I believe that information exchanges between people, contacts with other persons and learning from one another provide more opportunities, stimulate thinking about the future and give an idea that there are different points of view at the same field."

For students and young researchers, J.Lizut highly recommends to participate in conferences, workshops or other activities taking place at their university. "The great opportunity is also Erasmus+ programme. Students should go to other countries and meet different people. As for young researchers, that`s a great opportunity to collect materials and data from other countries. Sometimes people think that everything can be found on the internet, but this is not true, because the most important thing is direct contact, and that is the opportunity offered by projects," encourages J.Lizut.


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