Lectures by professors from partner-universities within ERASMUS+ programme

Tuesday, 28. may
From 21 to 25 May, within ERASMUS+ teaching staff exchange programme, Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA) hosted two guest lecturers from Pamukkale University (Turkey).

Prof. PhD Şahin KAPIKIRAN and Prof. PhD Fatma SUSAR delivered lectures at the Faculty of Education, Languages, and Design touching such issues as family types, family life cycle, preventive work, as well as the role of drama and arts in modern teaching and education.

            The professors revealed it was their first visit to Latvia and Rezekne and they were really impressed and appreciated peoples` helpful attitude.

Asked about his course of lectures, Prof. PhD Şahin KAPIKIRAN said, “I choose family because the rate of divorced families has increased recently. Nowadays, more and more families are unhappy, and I found that very important to help families to be happy and provide some counselling. Empathy and understanding is important in a family. For children, it is important that parents feel empathy for them but parents should not interfere in the life of their children. Children should not see parents arguing. Of course, parents may sometimes have disputes, but these situations must not escalate into serious conflict and they should still respect each other.”

Prof. PhD Fatma Susar emphasizes the importance of drama in education, “Traditional education uses memorizing as the basic method but drama is a modern teaching method. It is important that future teachers understand arts area, for example music, painting, theatre, singing, and dancing, because, if they are not familiar with art education, teaching and learning consist only of reading and writing and it is not so interesting and becomes even boring. Nowadays, children need social and modern education, such education method which they like. Drama enhances empathy and gives theatrical, art and literal education. Drama fosters self-esteem and confidence; through drama, children learn to love life and learning. Therefore, drama is a very important part of education. Our aim is that the future teachers use art and drama teaching methods in their classes.”

As for the future, the professors are going to actively work on their projects implementing their ideas and contributing to society.

“Next year, I am going to start a joint project with Slovenia. The project designed to improve education for immigrant students. I plan to provide drama education for immigrant students.  Many of them do not know Turkish and have poor educational background. I would like to help these people to get good education in an interesting way. I also plan another big project to help immigrant students involving participants from European countries, such as Sweden and Norway,” revealed Fatma Susar.

            Prof. PhD Şahin KAPIKIRAN is planning a big project aimed at improving the life quality of elderly population, “I have studied this issue a lot and I am going to make their life more active through drama, arts, music, etc.”


RTA Public Relations Department

Photo by Māris Justs

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