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Wednesday, 15. May
From 15 May until 11 June, everyone is welcome to visit the exhibition DIGITAL EXPERIMENT IN DESIGN II. The opening event of the exhibition will be held on 15 May at 20.00 at Luznava Manor, Pils iela 8, Lūznava, Rezekne Municipality.

The digital art project EUCIDA (European Connections in the Digital Arts) is a platform for interdisciplinary experiments, research, joint unconventional ideas, and development of new job creation.

At the beginning of the project, students were informed about the history of laser and its application in the modern world. Lectures were delivered by Dr.sc.ing., Prof. LYUBOMIR LAZOV (Bulgaria), leading researcher of the RTA Physical Processes and Laser Technology Research Center (with over 40-year experience in laser processing, author of publications and dissertation supervisor. Dr.phys. PAVELS NARICA, head of the RTA Physical Processes and Laser Technology Research Center, explained the role of laser technology in many areas of today's modern economy.

The exhibition was prepared by the students of REZEKNE ACADEMY OF TECHNOLOGIES (RTA) of the following study programmes: master`s programme “Design”; bachelor`s programme “Interior Design” and first-level professional higher education study programme “Clothing Design and Technology”. The students were assisted by assistants from the RTA Physical Processes and the Laser Technology Research Center, ANTONS PACEJS, IMANTS ADIJANS, KRISTIANS GERSEBEKS, and ALEKSANDRS OKUNEVS, as well as lecturers, SILVIJA MEZINSKA, director of the programme “Clothing Design and Technology” and DIANA APELE, director of the programme “Interior design”. Students carried out a number of experiments in digital design and developed artistic-functional light objects, costumes, accessories, and design solutions.

Under lecturers` guidance, students performed experiments applying laser processing technologies on various materials, such as plastic, wood, paper, foam, glass, textile, and leather. The works, developed by the students, were transformed into projects. Design ideas arose from theoretical studies, but by using the graphic software to design our products and with the assistance of industry experts (engineers) we were able to create the sample products.

The exhibition displays the results of experiment in clothing and accessories design: laser cutting of textile and leather, as well as 3D printing, resulting in decorative and functional compositional solutions. The exhibition also includes lighting display of floor lamps, table lamps, and suspended fixtures created by the students of the bachelor`s programme “Interior Design”. The main materials of the lamps were white, transparent, and black coloured plastic (acrylic) and natural timber (plywood).

All the RTA students and lectures involved in the project shared creative spirit and open mind, both in design field for engineers and laser technology field for designers.

Thanks for the opportunity to EUCIDA (European Connections in the Digital Arts) project management. Thanks to the researchers of the RTA Physical Processes and Laser Technology Research Center, as well as all project stakeholders for the cooperation.

Finding out the unknown is a kind of art and science synthesis. Why couldn’t it be digital art this year as well?


Welcome to enjoy the results of our experiment!

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