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Friday, 3. may
Within the Erasmus+ programme and academic staff mobility project, in April, Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA) hosted a visit by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Niyazi Yükçü from Adiyaman University (Turkey).


Dr.Niyazi Yükçü delivered lectures on physics. “Why I chose to study physics? Because physics is an important part of the understanding the universe and nature. I love physics! Physics is applied in all areas of engineering. Physics is not only related to theorems, rules and equations. There is also applied physics, for example when you write algorithms by using mathematical equations in software programming languages,” says Dr. N.Yükçü.

This was Dr. N.Yükçü`s first time to Latvia. “Rezekne is very nice city. People of Rezekne and here at RTA are very helpful. And I like your students, they are very smart. When I ask them questions, they answer without any hesitation,” the Professor reveals his impressions.

As for the future, Dr.N.Yükçü is going to continue his work on research, carry out new studies and publish papers in scientific journals. He also plans to visit many other countries, because the Professor is keen to see new countries and people. He is of the opinion, that discovering other cultures and countries is just as important as science and research. “I love arts, music, and especially opera. When I am back to Riga, before my flight, I`m going to attend the Latvian National Opera. That`s very important!”


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