International cooperation and academic staff mobility at RTA

Thursday, 18. april
Implementing international cooperation for student and academic staff mobility, at the beginning of April, Lecturer Ingrida Kepalaitė from Utena University of Applied Sciences (Lithuania) held lectures at Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA).

I.Kepalaite visited RTA for the fourth time and students had an opportunity to listen her lectures on natural characteristics of the Latvian and Lithuanian territories, protected zones and water basins, drinking water supply, environmental protection, waste water treatment, and waste disposal. The lecturer also managed a hands-on activity to demonstrate practical application of theory and presented ideas for creating an ecological house.

I.Kepalaite reveals that she graduated with a geography degree from Vilnius University (Lithuania) and worked as a teacher at a school. Then she worked in another area for some time and earned a law degree but nevertheless felt called to work in the field of teaching. Therefore, when Utena University of Applied Sciences was looking for a lecturer, I.Kepalaite applied for the position and has never regretted. At Utena University of Applied Sciences I.Kepalaite teaches such courses as Environmental Protection, Ecology, Soil Protection, Environmental Protection Policy and Law, as well as Earth Surface and Depth.   

“My profession is very creative. For example, I ask students which type of building is eco-friendlier: wood or concrete. Some say wood, but some- concrete. Then I explain that it takes many years to grow a tree, then it has to be cut down, then it requires additional treatment whereas concrete now can be manufactured without asbestos and other additives and, thanks to modern technology, we now are able to build warmer buildings which, moreover, generate fewer emissions. How to choose? Students have to think and evaluate,” says Kepalaite.    

To improve her knowledge and follow the news in the field, I.Kepalaite reads a lot of special literature. “I read mostly English resources but quite much information has become available also in Lithuanian over the past two years. Ecology and environmental protection are the fields, where changes happen all the time. You should follow legislation, events, as new technologies, and scientific findings are emerging; a natural disaster on one side of the world impacts the whole ecological system,” explains the lecturer.

I.Kepalaite wishes students to find their calling and follow it, “A human is changing all the time. Some need something easy, others- interesting. Think what is better for you! But, in my opinion, nowadays nothing comes easy. Everything has its own difficulties. Some people wonder, “How come you quit such a good job? It is hard here!” “Yes, it is hard but interesting.  Parents say that someone has to follow common sense when making career decisions but an acquaintance of me said, “It is good that you listened to your heart when chose the job.”


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Photo by I.Kepalaite

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