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Clothing designers acquire innovative technologies

Tuesday, 12. March
At Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA), during academic year 2018/2019, students and academic staff of the study programmes “Clothing design and technology” and “Design” (specialization “Fashion design”) realize research projects applying contemporary technologies in clothing design. These are cross-disciplinary studies for the application of laser technology (laser engraving, laser cutting) in textiles (Dir., Professor L.Lazov) and application of 3D printing in textile design (Dir., Docent I.Kangro).

Cross-disciplinary studies are carried out in cooperation with the leading researchers of the Physical Processes and Laser Technologies Research Centre (lead by Dr.phys. P.Narica) and Metalworking and Mechatronics Research Centre (lead by Associate Professor, Dr.sc.ing., A. Martinovs) taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the laboratories of RTA. Laser processing and 3D printing technologies in modern products are implemented with the help of the laboratory assistants of the research centres, A.Pacejs and E.Zaicevs. Clothing design projects of the students Z.Kačkāne, N.Brokāne, S.Kārkliņa, and G.Salmane have been developed providing for laser cutting and 3D printing in clothing.

Latgale entrepreneurs “Technical Textiles” (Balvi) and others, are also involved in cooperation between students and academic staff. Entrepreneurs provide fabric samples for testing, evaluate innovative technologies and support pilot studies of them, as well as plan their further implementation in textile products. At the request of undertakings, specific tasks are carried out within projects that facilitate the practical application of the study results. These are custom orders related to the laser treatment of textile materials and the use of 3D printing.

The studies will be presented at international scientific conferences organized by RTA: “Environment. Technology. Resources.”, “Society. Integration. Education”, student scientific conference “Human. Environment. Technology.”, as well as at partner-universities abroad. As a result, all project participants benefit, as cross-disciplinary research promotes innovation in the study process and the development of products with higher added value in the textile and clothing industry in Latgale.


Silvija Mežinska,

director of the study field “Production and Processing”,

director of the study programme “Clothing design and technology”,

project participant


Photo by Māris Justs

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