RTA Confucius Classroom celebrated the Lantern Festival

Tuesday, 26. February
To celebrate the Lantern Festival, which is a Chinese festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar Chinese calendar, and introduce to the traditions of this festival, RTA Confucius Classroom held an event on 22 February 2019.

Tianqi Huang, volunteer Chinese teacher from China, told the participants about the traditions of the Lantern Festival and revealed that traditionally the festival marks the end of the Chinese New Year Spring Festival period. Usually, during the Lantern Festival, people enjoy the traditional dessert made of rice flour, but since it is not available in Latvia, the participants of the event had no opportunity to make the dessert themselves.  

The main activity of the event was the Chinese lantern workshop. The participants of the event admitted that the task was not easy and they had to make efforts to manage it, however, after a while, everyone had their own lantern with their own Chinese-style drawings and hieroglyphs. Later, everyone was offered to showcase their skills in popular Chinese street games and riddles, as well as participate in quizzes about China.

Thanks to the teacher Tianqi Huang and all the participants for engagement and diligence in the creation of the lanterns! Everyone is invited to participate in events organized by the RTA Confucius Classroom! To keep you updated, follow the web page of the Confucius Classroom.


Margarita Graičonoka

International Lifelong Learning

and Distance Learning Projects Coordinator at

RTA Lifelong Education Centre


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