The Haralds Biezais Stipend

Friday, 21. December
The Haralds Biezais Foundation is pleased to announce its 2019 stipends for scholarly research which furthers the written documentation of the culture of the Latvian people within the fields of Latvian history, cultural history, history of religion, art history, history of literature or legal history.


The award is open to scholars and researchers with doctoral degrees preferably from a Swedish university or with corresponding degrees from other universities. Applicants of Latvian descent will have precedence to the Haralds Biezais Stipend, provided that the applicant otherwise is qualified to receive the award.

One or two stipends at maximum 20,000 SEK or about 2,000 Euro each will be awarded during the first half of the year 2019.

The Haralds Biezais Stipends are intended:
a) for historical research and studies at archives, museums and libraries; or
b) to cover the costs of publishing in the Swedish, English, Latvian, German or French languages; or
c) to recognize an outstanding scholarly article or book published in 2017 or 2018.

Due to limited funds, the Harald Biezais Foundation will not be able to support all worthy applicants.

 Application Materials
The application for the Haralds Biezais Stipend should include the following:
• A description of the research
• Research budget (costs and expenses)
• A curriculum vitae
• A statement of any other concurrent stipends, awards or extra financial support one has received or is receiving for the same research
• Any other materials which the applicant wishes to refer to
The above should be sent to <> as a PDF-file (not exceeding 2 MB).
The application can be sent in English, Latvian or Swedish.

Application materials for the 2019 Haralds Biezais Stipend must be received by February 17, 2019.

Application materials are reviewed by the board of the Haralds Biezais Foundation as well as specialists in the field. Announcement of the Haralds Biezais Stipends will be made around May 2019. No motivation will be given to unsuccessful applicants.

The Haralds Biezais Stipend recipient will send a research report to the Haralds Biezais Foundation at <> within one year after the receipt of the stipend.

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