Laser technology - a bridge between higher education institutions of Latvia and Bulgaria

Tuesday, 20. november
At the end of October and at the beginning of November a group of students from Bulgaria visited Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA) and worked for two weeks at the RTA Laser Technology Laboratory increasing their knowledge and conducting practical research.

On 7 November, the students presented their research “Laser Marking Technology for Civil and Military Products” informing the audience about the aims of the research, progress and results achieved.

At the beginning of their presentation, Bulgarian students from the Vasil Levski National Military University (Националeн военен yниверситет „Васил Левски”) thanked the RTA for cooperation and opportunity to visit Latvia and the academy and work at the RTA laboratories. The students studied opportunities of laser marking, laser cutting, and laser engraving on different materials- the textiles they had taken from Bulgaria and which are used for civil and military clothing, felt and also Plexiglas. The students could also make tokens for themselves and partner-universities.

It should be noted that the students had no previous experience with laser technology which further demonstrates the RTA`s contribution to international cooperation in the field of student exchange and research and efforts not only in the development of the RTA`s students but also those from partner-universities.

Prof., Leading Researcher of the RTA Physical Processes and Laser Technologies Research Centre, Lyubomir Lazov, noted that the successful two-week cooperation was possible thanks to financing provided by the Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria. He also welcomed the students` untiring efforts while working on the study.

One of the objectives of the study was to make the logo of the Vasil Levski National Military University. The students successfully managed this task in cooperation with the RTA staff, and one copy of the logo was presented to the RTA at the end of the presentation as gratitude for the opportunity to train in the contemporary laser technology and as the confirmation of the intention of further cooperation.

After the presentation, the students received certificates for participation in training at the RTA.

Phd. Engineer, Assistant Professor, Representative of the Vasil Levski National Military University, Manager of the Project BG05M20P001-2.009-0001, Nikolai Todorov Dolchinkov (Николай Тодоров Долчинков), informed that cooperation between the both higher education institutions begun three years ago thanks to the support by Rector of Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Edmunds Teirumnieks, and Professor L.Lazov.

N.Todorov Dolchinkov said that there are three faculties at the Vasil Levski National Military University and they all successfully cooperate with the RTA. He emphasized that Bulgarian students worked with laser technology for the first time and expressed the hope that cooperation would continue and students would come to Rezekne both for study and internship, as well as develop joint projects. N.Todorov Dolchinkov noted that, by continuing to work together, Bulgarian students plan to present their research results at the international student scientific-practical conference “Human. Environment. Technology.” organized by the RTA in April 2019 as well as at the Scientific-Technical Union of Bulgaria in Borovets (Bulgaria), as more than 150 experiments with textile and 50 on Plexiglas were performed. However, the results of the experiments must be processed, the work is not over, and it will take about a month to gather all data.

Speaking about the integration of the experience into future, N.Todorov Dolchinkov said that it needs to be considered, but it is possible that study programs will be complemented or new ones will be developed.

As the Vasil Levski National Military University does not offer a study programme in laser technology, the students who participated in the training at the RTA represented other specialities such as communications technology, civil defense, national security, logistics and transport. One of the students, who is in her final year of bachelor study programme, revealed that she had thought what she could study at Masters level study and after visit to Rezekne she considered  laser technology.

The leader of the Bulgarian students, Nikolai Todorov Dolchinkov, works at the Vasil Levski National Military University Civil Defense Department. His activities relate to radiation security and emergency situations. In addition, he is actively involved in organization of extra-curricular activities at the university, for example, various competitions - photo, posters, and electronics competitions, ensuring that students' life is interesting and exciting so that they can demonstrate their abilities. Besides, N.Todorov Dolchinkov is a lecturer at Moscow Energy Institute since 2017.

The cooperation partner noted that projects within Erasmus and Horizon 2020 were developed along with Professor L.Lazov during the last year and work would continue in this direction in the future.

Referring to the cooperation, Professor L.Lazov said that five students of the RTA were in Gabrovo for internship and also visited the University of Veliko Tarnovo (Великотърновски университет) in the summer of 2015. Students had an opportunity to become familiar with the study process, laboratories, and the university museum. L.Lazov stressed that the university has a longstanding history, it was founded in 1878 and has a long tradition in both study process and research.

The professor revealed that in the framework of the Erasmus programme the both higher education institutions are planning to develop a project for a joint master's study programme, but, given that one of the cooperation institutions is a military university, agreement with the Ministry of Defense is required, therefore the process to approve the study programme is more complicated, however, a framework agreement has already been signed between the RTA and the Vasil Levski National Military University, which has already been approved by the Ministry of Defense.

“It means that we have been given the green light for successful cooperation in the next years. Our students have already been in Gabrovo and Veliko Tarnovo and are satisfied with their experience. In my opinion, there is a good exchange between the two universities. Students from the RTA Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, including those who have been in Bulgaria, also participated in this work, so it could be said that to some extent this is a joint work of students from Latvia and Bulgaria,” said L.Lazov.

At the end of the visit, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Ērika Teirumnieka, and the guests discussed the opportunities of further cooperation in the field of information technology and common areas of scientific work. All Bulgarian guests were presented with commemorative tokens dedicated to Latvia`s Centenary with the wish that cooperation between the Baltic and the Balkan regions develops in the common European Union area for the well-being of our nations.


RTA Public Relations Department

Photo by Māris Justs

and Nikolai Todorov Dolchinkov

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