Presentation of the monograph “Support system for inclusion of learners with special needs in general education institutions”

Monday, 2. July
On 19 June at Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA) the presentation of the monograph by Dr. paed., Assoc. Prof. Mārīte Rozenfelde “Support system for inclusion of learners with special needs in general education institutions” was held.

The author of the monograph Associate Professor Mārīte Rozenfelde admits that it was not an easy task to write the monograph due to the time limits, as the priority was work at RTA. This book is a summary of 15 years of the professor`s work and studies. M.Rozenfelde says that the monograph urges not to stop at the work done and stimulates to implement new ideas in the field of special education, for example, to develop updated special didactics and educational methodology in special education, and focus on team work in inclusive education.

During the event M.Rozenfelde emphasized, “The topicality of the monograph is determined by the situation in general education institutions of Latvia, where, for various objective and subjective reasons, the question of inclusion of learners with special needs has become urgent only during the last decade, although in certain educational institutions of Latvia inclusive educational process is being implemented for already more than 18 years.”

“When looking back to the work done, I would like to thank all the people who helped me and supported during the preparation of the monograph, and, first of all, during the preparation of my doctoral theses. Today this book is very topical. Inclusive education, when used properly, is actually the same competency-based approach. It has become a necessity for many educational institutions as any of them can no longer work in the same way as before. We must keep moving with the world,” said the professor.   

Also the reviewers of the monograph Dr. paed. Sarmīte Tūbele (The University of Latvia), Dr. paed. Jeļena Davidova (The University of Daugavpils, Latvia), and Dr. paed. Vytautas Gudonis (Šiauliai University, Lithuania) in the introduction of the book state that the author has put  great efforts studying on behalf on the sustainability of social development and developing invaluable recommendations for promotion of the inclusive processes in a general education institution.

The author was congratulated by Angelika Juško-Štekele, vice rector for Studies, Jānis Dzerviniks, dean of the Faculty of Education, Languages, and Design, Karīne Laganovska, head of Centre for Lifelong Learning, and other colleagues from RTA who wished her to continue to work with the same vigour in the field of special education where RTA is the leading institution in Latvia.


Inga Kaļva-Miņina,

Information Specialist,

RTA Public Relations Department


Photo by Māris Justs

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