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RTA postgraduate students of the study programme “Regional Planning and Development” study in Belarus

Monday, 21. May
In April, in the framework of the master`s study programme “Regional Planning and Development”, master`s students of Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA) had an opportunity to go to Belarus and gain valuable experience while studying at the Polotsk State University (PSU). The aim of the exchange trip was to deepen the knowledge in such study subjects as Environmental Economics, Branch Structure of the Regional Economy and Resource Management, and International Industrial Economics, Investment, and International Trade.

Lecturers at PSU are very knowledgeable and thoughtful and work with an individual approach to each student. Studying in another country let to acquire knowledge from different point of view by listening to the PSU lecturers and through their experience in the specific field. The time spent in exchange studies went smoothly. There were a number of events at the faculty, such as Olympiads for pupils and students, where there was an opportunity to become a member of the jury and evaluate the knowledge and inventiveness of the participants, as well as a business idea competition for students which also gave an opportunity to evaluate other students. It was very useful as it provided an opportunity to learn new business ideas, apply critical thinking, and analyse the most viable ideas.

During the mobility, the PSU was also visited by a professor from the USA, and we had an opportunity to attend his lectures in economics.

Studies in Belarus introduced us to other culture and expanded our horizons, and let meet our fellow students who study this programme at the PSU.

The study programme “Regional Planning and Development” is an academic master`s study programme, and its duration is 18 months. Graduates of the programme receive both Rezekne Academy of Technologies (Latvia) and Polotsk State University (Belarus) diplomas. Director of the study programme at Rezekne Academy of Technologies is Daina Znotiņa.


Ligita Karvele

First year master student of the study programme

“Regional Planning and Development”


Photo by Polotsk State University

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