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Ēriks Kasparenoks wins 1st place at the Chinese language competition

Friday, 18. May
On 25 April students of the Confucius Classroom at Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA) took part in the 15th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese competition which was held at the University of Latvia. Ēriks Kasparenoks participated in the contest for the third time in a row and this year won the 1st place.

This year Ēriks, who studies Chinese at the RTA Confucius Classroom for two and a half years, competed in the senior group. Zhao Qian, a Chinese volunteer teacher, helped prepare Ēriks for the contest which consisted of three tasks. First, Ēriks delivered a speech about friendship, which he prepared with the teacher Zhao based on Ēriks`s experience in the Summer Camp in China in 2017. The second task was the talent show. Ēriks sang a Chinese song accompanying on the piano. In the third part of the competition Ēriks successfully answered questions about China and Chinese culture.

“The Chinese language, in general, has little in common with the Latvian language, so learning Chinese is complex and requires a lot of effort, but all the differences are peculiar, which, in turn, makes the process more interesting. For example, it is much easier to remember a character if you understand its structure rather than simply rewriting it. The biggest difficulty, in my opinion, is also many words that can be pronounced alike or are alike, but are written using different characters. In July 2017 I attended the Confucius Institute Camp in China and visited Guangzhou, Foshan, and Beijing. I was very impressed by the size and vitality of China, and after returning home it motivated me to study more rigorously. Already in December I passed the Chinese language tests HSK Level 4 and the HSKK Average.

In my opinion, Chinese gives a great opportunity to get to know culture and a country that is completely different. China has a very rich history and art, so everyone can find something interesting. In addition, the Chinese language certainly strengthens the willpower, because you cannot learn much without strong effort.

I definitely would like to connect my future with China. Therefore, in the autumn I am going to attend intensive language courses in China, so that I can strengthen and improve my results in the Chinese language environment, "says Ē. Kasparenoks.

Thanks to Ēriks and teacher Zhao for the work they have done in preparation for the competition!


Margarita Isajeva,

International Projects Coordinator, RTA Centre for Lifelong Learning

Photo by Zhao Qian

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