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RTA student Pāvels Cacivkins participated in International Student Mathematics Olympiad (ISMO)

Monday, 23. April
On 17 April, the International Student Mathematics Olympiad, the aim of which was to stimulate interest in mathematics and provide students with the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge creatively, was held at the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies in Jelgava. Among other participants was also our first-year student Pāvels Cacivkins (master's programme “Laser Technology”).

The Olympiad work was organized in two disciplines: individual and group work. Pāvels took part in both categories. The team he represented consisted of other two Latvian students and two members from neighbouring countries - Lithuania and Estonia- and got second-place.

In parallel with the Olympiad, an international seminar for mathematics teachers took place - a discussion on the transformation of mathematics studies focused on education for sustainable development.

RTA student P.Cacivkins points out that the tasks in the individual discipline were logical, and even without remembering the fastest algorithms for solving, they were understandable and solvable.

“When I took part in the Olympiad, I used both the knowledge I acquired during my studies and my personal life. The understanding of logic, which we had been taught directly and indirectly over the four years while studying programming engineering, was very helpful,” says Pāvels, assuring that everything we learn in everyday life and at school is useful later in life. We just should be observant and to apply such knowledge in practice.

Special thanks to Ilmārs Kangro,  Dr.paed., Assoc. Prof. at the Faculty of Engineering (RTA), for his work in teaching mathematics.


RTA Public Relations Department

Photo by LLU

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