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Friday, 24. November
International Students` Day is celebrated since 17 November 1941. Unlike other international commemorative days which are held to mark happy events, the date of 17th November was chosen to be the International Students’ Day due to the events that unfolded in Prague during World War II. Nowadays, November 17 marks a celebration of multiculturalism of international students.

Student exchange programmes are a vital component of the study process. Many students choose to study abroad to gain better education, acquire new experience, and learn new cultures. Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA) is no exception and has become popular with students both from Latvia and abroad. According to Sanda Kauliņa, Coordinator of foreign students at RTA International Office, the number of foreign students studying at RTA has increased recently. Most of them come from India, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan. This year we have 35 international students, whereas through Erasmus+ programme we host students from Turkey, Germany, and France, but our students mainly choose Greece, Turkey, and Germany.

 Aija Mikele, reporter of the newspaper “Rēzeknes Vēstis” asked some international students to share their point of view and tell a little bit more about themselves.

 Firdavs Ismadiyarov (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

My uncle has studied here when RTA was Rezekne Higher Education Institution (Rēzeknes Augstskola). He has got to know about an academy. Considering it more prestigious, he recommended me to come for studies. I agreed.

I have been studying Business administration with specialization in tourism and hotel management for the fourth year. Thanks to the academy, I have acquired a lot. I was engaged also in Erasmus programme and studied one year in Lithuania. Next year, on 22 June, I will graduate and receive a diploma. I will get bachelor degree. I am still considering master`s studies. Talking about future plans, I think I will not start business yet, because I would like to become an auditor. But it will be seen later, because hotel management is not an easy thing, one has to think over everything.

 My mother is a doctor in a hospital, but father is an entrepreneur and has a car service, car dealership, and auto parts shop. My brother started studies in Germany this year. I have a good family, everyone is healthy and happy. My studies are paid by my family. They hope that I will be successful in the future. I am grateful to my family for that.

 Everything is different here. It is warmer in my country. When I arrived, it was very cold. People smile much more often in Uzbekistan, but here everyone is serious. Therefore, in the beginning it was not easy to get used. Now, when I have got used, I understand that people are good also here, they all are just more serious.

 Azizbek Mamadaliev (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

I have been studying Business administration with specialization in tourism and hotel management for the fourth year. Studies are not complicated. The programme is taught in English. Thanks to Erasmus programme, I studied five months in Czech, the Prague, and later in the University of Bologna (Italy).

 When I was studying in college, I got to know about the company “Baltic Centr” who organized studies in Europe. First, I had to pass English exam and then to choose one of the Baltic States.

My father had been to Riga, therefore he recommended me to study here. So I chose Latvia. And I am happy that I have chosen Latvia for my studies. I live in the student hostel.

 My parents are entrepreneurs- father has a textile company. My brother runs a business in Tashkent, but the sister is a pupil.

 Shubham Chaudhary (India)

I came two months ago to pursue master`s degree in Management science for two years. Taking into consideration that the academy offers an opportunity to participate in Erasmus programme, it seems very appealing, as I will have an opportunity to study in another country. Previously I studied in India in a state university. There are state and private universities in India. In state universities tuition fees are lower and there is the system of quotas, so the people from poorer families can study. And if you do some sport. I have a passion for shooting. I do sport also here- jog in the evenings and play basketball.

 I had more theoretical training in India, but here we have more practical things, and I like it very much. Studies are at high level.

 In the future I plan to start my own business, maybe also in Latvia, and invest. My father is employed in the public service, but mother is self-employed. I come from a city near Deli.

 How did I get to know about RTA? My uncle has a student recruitment agency and he has sent students to Latvia before. My cousin graduated from Rezekne Higher Education Institution and recommended it also to me, because Europe offers more opportunities for growth.

 Recep Tayyip Tamince (Istanbul, Turkey)

I am a fourth-year student at Samsun Nineteen May University (Turkey) and study politics. I came to Rezekne Academy of Technologies thanks to Erasmus programme. I am going to study economics for two months here. My friend had been here as an Erasmus student. He recommended this academy and told that I would gain not only new knowledge and learn culture, but also learn to save and handle money, to survive on a scholarship. If a year before I did not have any plans, then now I wish to become a manager in a private bank in Turkey. Maybe I will pursue master`s degree somewhere else in Europe.

 Ivailo Todorov and Dimitar Georgiev (Bulgaria)

We both study at Vasil Levski National Military University in Shumen city (Bulgaria). As Erasmus programme students at RTA we are going to study engineering for four months.

 As we study in a military university, we have signed an agreement that stipulates that after graduation we must serve and work in military field for 15 years.  After graduation we will be already senior officers and able to work with soldiers. Bulgaria has abolished compulsory military service.



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