Experience, which can change life

Monday, 13. November
While studying for a master`s degree, I decided to participate in the Erasmus+ programme and undertake my three months internship in Kaunas, Lithuania. I did not have to think hard as I had participated in an exchange programme before, and the experience gained was one of the most interesting part of my studies. Therefore I decided to take the opportunity offered by RTA.

Also this year, the mobility programme was interesting and full of adventures. I have understood that it is not necessary to go somewhere far away to learn something and get an experience. Speaking about my most vivid impressions, it has to be mentioned, that it was very interesting to work in foreign company. It was very good experience. I had also enough time to visit other cities in Lithuania.

During the internship in a lightning design company, I had an opportunity to deepen my knowledge in the lightning area. For other students who are considering joining the Erasmus+ internship mobility, I recommend that they take the opportunity. It will motivate you to engage in internship, learn and improve your skills, as well as to experience other cultures.

Undoubtedly, I recommend Lithuania as the Erasmus+ destination. It is very interesting to acquaint with Lithuanian language, as our languages are really very similar, but similar words often have different meaning. Sometimes it is possible to communicate very well.

Of course, when someone decides to study in Lithuania, it has to be understood that he or she should have knowledge of two languages – Russian and English, because young people speak mainly English, but managers of companies may communicate in both languages. In Lithuania, contrary to Latvia, Russian language is not heard on the streets and very rarely in shops. However, participation in the Erasmus+ programme will provide you a lot of new friends and new experience which can change your life.

Generally speaking, it can be said that my experience in Kaunas was positive. Student life in Lithuania is active and there is a lot of possibilities to rest, both for those who like to go to night clubs and dance to one’s heart’s content and for those who like to take up sporting activities, visit libraries or some cultural events. Students and colleagues in Kaunas were very friendly and approachable


Santa Miezīte, RTA student

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