Six months in Germany – the best time of my life

Wednesday, 8. November
If someone had told me a year ago that I would go abroad to study and live there for six months away from all my friends and family I wouldn't have believed them. But it happened, and without me realising, the best six months of my life had started…

After having discussed everything with the family, I had chosen the University of Applied Sciences Worms (Hochschule Worms) located in Worms, Germany. I do not regret my choice, because those six months were fabulous. From the very first day I met new friends - my neighbours. We were like a large multinational family.

There were about 80 international students in our Erasmus+ group from such countries as Spain, France, Italy, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, China, Finland, Bulgaria, Ireland, Syria, Chile, Mexico, North Korea, Portugal, and Brazil. I was the only representative from Latvia, but it did not matter. We were united, friendly, and sympathetic. We spent time together studying, partying or simply laughing.

We communicated in English and taught each other our native languages. When you learn a foreign languages you realise that many words sound similar in different countries.

Our mentors were very welcoming and supportive. Thanks to them, our stay in Germany was really exciting. Germany tours, parties, contests, and different events –all that we had thanks to our mentors. It is only too sad, that time passed so quickly that we did not mention that a busy season was coming and then farewell.

The last study month we tried to spend as cool as possible and did everything together. Laughter, jokes, tears, love, friendship, support - these words describe the atmosphere in our Erasmus+ family. The last 3-4 days were the saddest; each day someone left.  We promised each other that we would meet again one day, gave contact information, and went our own way.  

Erasmus+ is a possibility to make new friends, experience new and unfamiliar cultures, have the time of life, and change your view of life. It has been well said that there is so called Erasmus shock. Upon my return home, I did not understand where I was. I had got used to Germany and Latvia seemed unfamiliar, but gradually everything resumed its natural course. Now I really appreciate everything that I have experienced and obtained. Many thanks to all the people who gave me this opportunity, and I would recommend that students of RTA use opportunities provided by Erasmus+ at least once, as it is very valuable experience; it is a golden opportunity.


Guntis Kairovs,

Student at RTA

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