RTA student improved social pedagogical skills in Denmark

Tuesday, 7. November
Once upon a time…in February I packed my small suitcase and with a trembling heart and courage in the right brain I set off towards unknown Denmark (VIA University Collage, from 6 February till 16 June).

Until then, Denmark was unknown to me. I just knew that there was as cold as in Latvia and windier than in Liepāja. For the first time I felt Danish hospitability just after I had come in Denmark and was looking for an outlaying bus stop at the far end of Copenhagen. First impression - people speak English, wear black and have an Apple computer under their arm.

Several times intentionally or unintentionally lost, I got used to the new situation and place and understood, that study process and people, I met, were really awesome.

 Studies were based on three main components- head, heart, and hands. The head- to acquire theoretical knowledge both from experienced professors and people. The heart- to feel how to deal with a certain situation, to remember about empathy and how important it is to be receptive to new ideas and people. The hands- not to be afraid to apply acquired knowledge. Consequently, the name of the course was Head, Hand, and Heart.

 The studies were based on practical training, such as drama, music, and dance approach. We even had time enough to produce a short films about an actual humanity problem. In the meantime, we had internship during which I met Danish immigrants (mostly from the Middle East or Africa) with behavioural problems. In the Youth centre, where I undertook my internship, I saw different approach to young people with problems. They were not told what they had done wrong. Instead, the goal was indirectly make them understand the reason for inappropriate behaviour, let them analyse the situation with aim to prevent the recurrence of such incidents

 Outside the study time, I went to see astonishing Aarhus city located on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula. I enjoyed play Jesus Christ Superstar, travelled around Denmark, tasted real Italian pizza, organized Danish pick-nick in the garden of a professor, and met great people who were ready at any time to tell a joke and wish all the best.


Zane Grāvīte

Student of study programme „Social pedagogue”, RTA

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