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RTA Hosts 11th International Scientific and Practical Conference “Environment. Technology. Resources.”

Monday, 3. July
The 11th international scientific and practical conference “Environment. Technology. Resources.” took place from 15 to 17 June 2017 in Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA) gathering 130 participants with 152 papers (published in three proceedings, available also electronically: http://journals.rta.lv/index.php/ETR) from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, China, Serbia, Ecuador, the Netherlands, Belarus, Ukraine, India, and Finland.

The work of the conference was organized in eight parallel sections where recent studies in such fields as environmental engineering,  environmental and nature protection,  sustainable agriculture, energetics, material science, mechanics, metalworking, laser technologies, mathematical modelling, electrical engineering, environmental economics and management, information technology and modelling of sociotechnical systems, environmental education, and processes of sustainable development were presented. Study fields, presented at the conference, were diverse and interdisciplinary, and based on the results of international scientists` achievements.

Sergejs Kodors, Dr.sc.ing., RTA visiting lecturer, presented his research „Geometric Feature Selection of Building Shape for Urban Classification” informing about the research conducted at RTA. The research has been implemented continuing collaboration with The State Land Service with aim to improve the method developed previously which allows to update information on geological objects using laser scanning data. “The international conference “Environment. Technology. Resources.” provides good opportunity to present research at a global level not only to the participants of the conference from various countries, but also to distribute scientific publication electronically in international citation databases, for example, Scopus,” says Kodors.

The research carried out by Pāvels Narica, Ļubomirs Lazovs, Artis Teilāns, Pēteris Grabusts, Edmunds Teirumnieks, and Pāvels Cacivkins deals with laser marking optimization by using genetic algorithm. Cacivkins tells, “The idea about this study came by seeking new high quality marking colours. The process of colour seeking is rather complex. Therefore it was decided to transfer this task to self-developed automated system which treats laser marking colours as numerical codes. During the experiments, it was interesting to observe how genetic algorithms, which belong to machine learning algorithms and imitate natural selection, in laser parameter value space can find such codes by which it is possible to obtain high quality colours.In the result we get some kind of laser marking colours “cultivation” on metal surface. Another aim of our study was to focus attention to scientific activities of RTA Laboratory of physical processes and laser technologies, and the 11th international conference “Environment. Technology. Resources.” organized by RTA made it possible. Now anyone can find our research by entering certain keywords in a search system. It is very gratifying that the result of this work have been positively assessed by our cooperation partners from Laserinstitut Hochschule Mittweida, Germany.”

Ērika Teirumnieka, dean of the Faculty of Engineering, informed that during the conference RTA was visited by a delegation from Hefei University of Technology (China). On a meeting with RTA rector Mr. Teirumnieks collaboration opportunities in the field of studies, research and join projects were discussed. On the third day of the conference the participants visited proving grounds of Agriculture Science Center of Latgale. Dr.agr. Veneranda Stramkale, head of the center, told about current research and responded to the points raised by the visitors. In Viļāni municipality the participants of the conference visited a biogas cogeneration facility.  

From 12 June until 16 June 2017 RTA Faculty of Engineering organized summer school “LaserBaltics 2017”. Foreign students had an opportunity to gain experience with Latvian education system and consider studies and research opportunities in RTA. Participants of the summer school were provided with theoretical and practical training in laser technologies. Besides, discussions, internships, and seminars were organized. The summer school boost the internalization of foreign universities and integration into the European Education Area.  

Photos available here.


 RTA Public Relations Department

Photo by: Māris Justs

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