Exchange Students Enjoy Rezekne and Local Culture

Wednesday, 28. June
Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA) welcomes exchange students from various countries: Lithuania, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Slovakia.

Melike Caliskan (Turkey) studies at the RTA Faculty of Education, languages and design. She tells, “I like this city very much and I feel happy here. People are very nice and sympathetic. Landscape is also very lovely, and colours are changing all around- one minute the land is white, the next green. It’s marvellous in Rezekne, both in summer and winter. To be honest, I don’t like hot weather, but here it’s too cold, although we haven’t experienced –25°C. I can`t imagine how it’ll be, but hope I won’t freeze. I have my internship at local school and teach children.”

Aisaulye Khonai (Kazakhstan) studies at the Faculty of Engineering, “I didn`t have problems to acclimatise in Rezekne, as I have studied in similar city in Turkey. What I like most is Latvian ice-cream. It’s really delicious. And cakes, I love them, too. I like that there is winter in Rezekne. For the last three years there was no snow in Turkey, therefore I like snow very much.”

Sandeep Kumar (India) studies at the Faculty of Engineering, “I am getting used to living in Rezekne, people are very nice and sympathetic. Many things differ from those in our country, but I become familiar.  The city is nice. I like the academy very much as you have excellent professors and students. I spent the most of my leisure time at the RTA. When it comes to winter- it`s cold, but I like snow, and it’s so beautiful.”

Naveen (India) studies at the Faculty of Economics and Management, “I am getting used to living in Rezekne. Studies provide me new insights and experience, as they`re interesting I`ve to study a lot. I enjoy to get more and more information about Rezekne and Latvia. I think people are really nice, sympathetic and united here. In my opinion that’s the main thing- if people are good, everything is good.

I enjoy winter, it`s fascinating, although I`m really cold. I still remember the event when we were introduced to Latgalian wedding traditions, and also an excursion to Lake Rāzna. I`m also very glad to meet my mentors, they`re kind.”

Ali Haider (Pakistan) studies at the Faculty of Economics and Management, “I`m getting used to living in Rezekne. What I like the most is the academy and various events. Winter? No, I don`t like it at all. It`s so cold, wet, and slippery. I remember our trip to Sigulda. It was very interesting and educational. We visited many interesting sites. I remember also International party. It was great possibility to meet other exchange and local students.”


Linda Pastare, Mobility director at RTA Students Council

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