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Discovering another Cultures and Dispelling Stereotypes at RTA International Party

Monday, 26. June
On 26 October 2016 the International Office of Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA) in collaboration with RTA students and with support of the Students Council organized International party with aim to promote Erasmus+ mobility, broaden horizons, as well as to spend time in joyful, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere.

The event provided an opportunity to meet RTA international students coming from such countries as Lithuania, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Slovakia. Prior the event the representatives of the countries were asked to prepare a presentation of three specific things characterizing their country. Thanks to this, everyone could learn something new, broaden horizons, and to realize the diversity of cultures. Various common stereotypes were discussed proving that a big deal of the information found on internet or heard is not trustable.

The most joyful part of the event was dancing with the dance group and ensemble Dziga.  Latvian students had an opportunity to show and teach our folk dances. At first it posed little challenge, but with every next dance the students became more relaxed and dance steps came easier. International students demonstrated us their music and dances. During the event all participants enjoyed traditional Latvian snacks and herbal tea.

The international students with pleasure told about their experience in Rezekne and RTA.

Charlotte, “I`m from France. I like Rezekne, especially GORS and multifunctional youth centre Zeimuļs. How did I choose to study here? I wanted to learn about Latvia, and our university has a collaboration contract with RTA, so here I am. It was interesting to learn traditional dances and try national food.”

Mediya, “I come from Uzbekistan. I like Rezekne very much- it`s small and not noisy. You can find everything you need here. There are a lot of Russian speaking people in Rezekne, and it`s a great opportunity to keep in touch with my second tongue. I chose to study in Rezekne, because the offer met my desire. Of course, I also considered studies in Riga, but comparing to Rezekne it seemed very expensive. I`m really satisfied with my choice, as I have time both for my studies and various courses at the youth centre Zeimuļs. I enjoyed this event very much.”

Abdelrahman, “I`m from Saudi Arabia. Rezekne is very nice and peaceful. It wasn`t easy to choose a place for studies, but from the very beginning I knew it would be Europe as I had already been to Asia and Africa. I didn`t like to study in a large country and wanted to find something small and not so popular, as I liked to differ. So I came to Latvia. I applied for studies in RTU (Riga Technical University) and RTA. Confirmation came simultaneously from the both institutions. However, taking into consideration my previous experience, I chose Rezekne. I`d like to thank you very much for the event. I`m glad we are welcome here.”

Linda Pastare

Mobility director at RTA Students Council

Photo by Māris Justs


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