RTA Library provides remote access to services

The Library of Rezekne Academy of Technologies continues to lend books.

* To borrow a book, fill out an application and send it to: biblioteka@rta.lv.

In your application, state the author, title, and issue date of the book. Up to six books may be ordered.

Registered users can order books on the site “Mana bibliotēka”: https://biblio.rta.lv/Alise/ or via e-mail.

E-catalog:  https://biblio.rta.lv/Alise/lv/home.aspx

* You will receive an e-mail with the number of the cabinet where your books will be placed. Cabinets are located at the entrance to the Reading Room

* To return a book, put it into the return box located at the entrance to the Reading Room.

Contact information:

e-mail: biblioteka@rta.lv



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