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Student hostel

PDF Internal rules and regulations of the Student hostel

Rēzekne Academy of Technologies (RTA) provides its students with accommodation in acomfortableHall of ResidenceatMaskavasiela 22. RTA fully guarantees a place in the student Residence for all students,1st year or other, including part-time and Master students. The building is insulated, with new windows, and cosmetic renovation has been performed on several floors.

To take care of student comfort, paying capacity, and different preferences, RTA offers dividing the accommodation fee for a room among two or three persons; you can also live by yourself (alone)*. The accommodation fee (the price includes utilities: water supply (cold water), sewerage collection and drainage, waste removal, electric power, heating) is as follows:

  • In a triple room for one person – EUR 70.00 per month;
  • In a double room for one person – EUR 80.00 per month;
  • In a single room – EUR 125.00 per month.

RTA accommodation fee does not include (but noadditional payment is required) expenses forthe Internet, the use of appliances and equipment available in the common area, and preparing hot water.

The Hall of Residence uses a key fob access control system and a video surveillance system.

When you come to conclude a rent agreement, you needto have apersonal ID (passport or ID card) with you.

General Application Procedure for Full-Time Students (Including ERASMUS + ProgrammeParticipants):

If you want to live in the Hall of Residence (at Maskavasiela 22)in academic year2019/2020, you need to follow the procedure below:

  1. You must apply for living in the Hall of Residence at least three working days in advance to the administrator by email: Santa.Krilovska@rta.lv. The email must include: your name and surname, identity number, planned arrival time (date and time, e.g. 25.09.2019 at 1530-1600), registered residence address, faculty and year of study, whether you smoke (yes/no), in which type of room you want to live (single, double, triple). You must also provide your contact details: your email address and mobile phone number.
  2. The next working day you will receive an email from the administrator of the Hall of Residence, which will include information about admission possibilities and further action.
  3. When you arrive to the Hall of Residence, you have to precisely follow the information provided by the administrator.

Please note!

Persons who have debts for the previous period will not be admitted! 

Persons who do not follow the application procedure will not be admitted to the Hall of Residence at their preferred time, which is why such persons will have to stay at any other hotel in the city until 1000AM of the next working day.

If any person who has not followed the application procedure for living in the Hall of Residence is brought to the Residence, such an event will be classified as illegal accommodation and a contractual penalty will apply.


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