Cuisine and Language: Teaching a language by cooking traditional dishes


  • Dates: June 25 -July 3, 2020
  • Location: Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA), Atbrivosanas aleja 115, Rezekne, Latvia
  • Hours: 40 academic hours
  • Participation fee: EUR 280.00
  • Document on the completion of the course: RTA Centre for Lifelong Learning certificate

This is a five-day course designed to develop an ability to teach a language by learning about local or national cuisines. Latvian national (and also regional) cuisine might not be known world-wide, but during this course we will attempt to persuade you that it is a hidden gem among all the other cuisines.

We welcome participants without previous Latvian language knowledge who aim to:

  • learn the basics of the Latvian language and deepen their knowledge on the Baltic region as well as Latvia and the region of Latgale;
  • acquire the methodology of teaching a foreign language by using the recipes from the corresponding cuisine;
  • develop their communication skills in an international environment.

Objective: The objective of the course is to introduce its participants to the basics of Latvian language by participating in the language classes and using the obtained knowledge in the kitchen while cooking the traditional Latvian dishes. The use of Latvian language when cooking will be fostered by the schematic recipe technology cards in Latvian.

The activities in the classroom and in the kitchen will contribute to the immersion in Latvian culture and spread of local traditions outside of the borders of Latvia as well as to give a change to the  course participants to apply this methodology during their own classes.

Programme: Latvian language classes and Cooking workshops with Regional tours.

The price quoted is for a five-day course (including the cooking workshops and tours) without accommodation. Accommodation in the student hostel is available for EUR 7.00 per night (single room with a shared shower).

For any clarification, feel free to contact our project coordinator. E-mail:

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