Training of students from Bulgaria in the laser center of RTA

Otrdiena, 5. oktobris, 2021
Pētniecības pieteikuma “Jaunu rūpniecisko materiālu lāzermarķēšanas procesa parametru analīze augsto tehnoloģiju lietojumiem” (pētniecības pieteikums Nr. īstenošanas aktivitātes

On July 25, 2021, in two months, five students from the National Military University "Vasil Levski" under the “Erasmus +” program arrived at RTA. The students were initially prepared in Bulgaria for safe work with laser systems and were introduced to the types of lasers and their applications. At the beginning, everyone was admitted to the RTA Laser Center and was informed about the upcoming work, namely laser marking of stainless steel with a fiber laser. A series of experiments on laser marking of steel were performed for different process parameters: marking step, scanning speed and laser pulse frequency in compliance with the safety rules with laser systems. Several matrices were obtained, the roughness of which was measured with a laser microscope. The obtained roughness data were processed and prepared for presentation in a conference report. A table of correspondence of the parameters of laser marking and the color obtained after laser marking of the metal surface was created, with the help of which a color logo of the National Military University "Vasil Levski" was depicted. In addition, students were introduced to the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to work with large databases. Data from all series of experiments were entered and processed using AI. The results are to be presented in a report at an international conference.

Ivaylo Balchev

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