Participation in the international conference with computer simulation of laser welding process

Trešdiena, 30. jūnijs, 2021
Pētniecības pieteikuma “Jaunu rūpniecisko materiālu lāzermarķēšanas procesa parametru analīze augsto tehnoloģiju lietojumiem” (pētniecības pieteikums Nr. īstenošanas aktivitātes

And, as is customary, the 13th International Scientific and Practical Conference was held this year from June 7 to 18. The theoretical work "Comsol Simulation of Laser Welding of Aluminum" was presented and published. Thank you to the RTA for the opportunity to learn and use the academic version of Somsol Mutiphysics to simulate the physical process of laser welding aluminum parts. I became convinced that this software package is a powerful tool for creating a computer model of the physical process of laser welding and determining the change in temperature field in time and space. The next step in working with this software is to do a computer simulation of the process of laser marking of various materials. Prof. Lyubomir Lazov and Mg. chem. Erika Teirumnieks from RTA collaborated on the publication. The authors gratefully acknowledge financial support by the European Regional Development Fund, Postdoctoral research aid Nr. research application "Analysis of the parameters of the process of laser marking of new industrial materials for high-tech applications, Nr.".

Ivaylo Balchev

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