Pētniecības pieteikuma “Jaunu rūpniecisko materiālu lāzermarķēšanas procesa parametru analīze augsto tehnoloģiju lietojumiem” (pētniecības pieteikums Nr. īstenošanas aktivitātes

Svētdiena, 1. novembris, 2020
Strong performance in RTA within the international conference ICSQE 2020 organized by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

21-st edition of the International School on Quantum Electronics (ICSQE) "Laser Physics and Applications" was held within the period 21-24 September 2020. The ICSQE is a traditional event, organized biennially by the Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) since 1980, which includes in its topics investigations of the basic physical phenomena, processes of interaction of laser radiation with different materials and new scientific results obtained in the research areas of quantum electronics and optics, as well as the technological practical applications of latest ideas, devices, instruments and laser systems. The topics include laser - matter interactions, laser spectroscopy and metrology, laser remote sensing and ecology, lasers in biology and medicine, laser systems and nonlinear optics and alternative techniques for material synthesis and processing. RTA presented six reports and posters under the guidance of Prof. L.Lazov, thus appearing as the second most important representative in the conference. The research and results reported at the conference are the result of the joint work of students and researchers from RTA, the Institute of Electronics, BAS and company Max Laser Ltd. The research is related to the tasks that are planned and solved under the project „Analysis of the parameters of the process of laser marking of new industrial materials for high-tech applications, Nr." - Postdoctoral research by RTA.

RTA master's student Andris Snikeris participated in one of the research work with a report on "Laser marking and engraving of household and industrial plastic products." Students Pēteris Čeirs and Imants Adijāns worked on another research report on the “Study of the contrast of laser marking of eggs”. Additionally, the joint science research between the RTA Physical processes and laser technologies research center and Institute of Electronics, BAS on thesis “RF magnetron sputtering of Bi12TiO20 thin film on various substrates”, was presented. The partner company Max Lasers Ltd also took part in the international conference ICSQE 2020 with the joint scientific report and poster on "Marking and engraving of aluminum using the CuBr laser system". The full manuscripts of the invited lectures and poster contributions will be published in the Journal of Physics: Conference Series (http://jpcs.iop.org), which is a high achievement for students and researchers.

Postdoctoral researcher Ivaylo Balchev

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