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RIRS is established using materially technical base and human resources of the joined institutes. RIRS has been functioning since 1 March 2011.

RIRS is the only scientific institution in the Baltics that deals with the development of regional studies as a new scientific area, implementing regional policy of the European Union and promoting the development and sustainability of the region. RIRS performs scientific research and pedagogical activities and participates in the implementation of doctoral study programmes.

The vision of RIRS

RIRS is an innovative and scientific research centre of regional studies that is competitive in research area in Latgale, Latvia and Europe. RIRS carries out research in regional studies and is involved in solving regional issues, cooperating with governmental and local institutions and providing suggestions for the implementation of regional plans and policy.

The mission of RIRS is to develop the theory and methodology on regional studies and apply it to research and strengthening territorial cohesion in Latgale and other regions. By increasing scientific research capacity, RIRS contributes to sustainable development of the region of Latgale.

The aim of RIRS is to carry out fundamental and applied research and educational work in social, environmental, engineering sciences and humanities for sustainable regional development, comply with the development policy of the European Union and ensure publicity and commercialization of the results of scientific research.

RIRS works in 4 scientific research areas: Environmental and Engineering science, Humanities, Social sciences and the area of Personality socialization research.

Research Areas at Rezekne Academy of Technologies

Research areas in Humanities:

  • research on Latgale region history and recent processes
  • research on Latvian (Latgalian) literature history and nowadays literary processes
  • research on nowadays Latgalian traditional culture processes, development of data bases of the intangible cultural and folklore heritage of Latgale region
  • research on Latvian (Latgalian) theatre, music, art history and culture theory in the European context
  • research on Latvian (Latgalian) religion and philosophy history and development of nowadays philosophical thought in Latgale region in the European and Baltic context

Research areas in Personality Socialization Research

  • interdisciplinary research and innovation transfer in the area of socialization and re-socialization, people security
  • research on social and professional rehabilitation
  • problems and solutions of socialization and resocialization of children with special needs and adults with disabilities
  • development and introduction of science-based technologies to support social risk families
  • development and introduction of science-based rehabilitation technologies
  • study of active ageing and public health, introduction of solutions
  • organization of annual international scientific conference “Society. Integration. Education.”


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