Laser technology courses for youth

Wednesday, 24. January
In October and November 2017 Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA) in collaboration with Rezekne municipality organized seminars on the application of laser technologies in digital art and design. The seminars were organized within the project EUCIDA – “European Connections in Digital Arts”. The project aims to increase youth knowledge of digital art and application of laser technology for implementing creative ideas.

At the start of the seminar cycle Lyubomir Lazov, Prof., leading researcher of RTA Physical Processes and Laser Technologies Research Centre, presented laser structure, types, basic principles of operation, and safety rules and regulations. Laser safety classes and potential consequences that may emerge in case of non-compliance with the safety rules and regulations were explained to the participants. Laser safety goggles were presented and laser warning labels, as well as other safety means and hazard levels were discussed during the first meeting.

During the next seminar Pāvels Narica, Dr.phys., Mg.oec., head of RTA Physical Processes and Laser Technologies Research Centre, director of the master's level programme “Laser Technology”, and Antons Pacejs, laboratory assistant of RTA Physical Processes and Laser Technologies Research Centre, introduced the participants to laser interaction with different materials. Advantages, disadvantages, and features arising during the laser treatment process of different materials were discussed. Theoretical grounds of laser appliance in marking, engraving, cutting, and welding were elaborated and demonstrated by examples providing understanding of the application of the technology in modern production processes and possibility to integrate laser technologies in implementation of one`s creative works.

The use of laser technology in treatment of different materials is inconceivable without programming of laser beam scan path. Therefore, a seminar on blueprints for work with laser equipment in vector graphics software was organized at Information and Communication Technologies Research Centre (RTA). During the seminar, significant particulars concerning file development for further programming of laser equipment were explained and significant differences between vector and raster graphics were determined. During the seminar the participants in vector graphics software “Inkspace” had to make a blueprint of a snowflake. The young people demonstrated creativity and ingenuity.

During the closure seminar the participants visited RTA Physical Processes and Laser Technologies Research Centre where they could inspect such laser facilities as Trumpf laser system with a maximum power output of 4kW, Rofin laser equipment ensuring surface treatment in 4ns mode, and old type CO2 and solid-state laser equipment. The participants got a clearer picture how rapidly technologies of the field are evolving.

At the end of the seminar cycle, snowflakes for interested participants were made according to their blueprints using CO2 laser equipment as well as keychains for the participants using optical fibre laser equipment.

In 2018 the seminar cycle on the application of laser technologies in digital art and design (led by Pāvels Narica and Antons Pacejs) will be continued. Besides, eight seminars on modern design (led by Diāna Apele and Silvija Mežinska, lecturers at RTA) will be organized. Classes will take place at RTA and Lūznava Manor where modern CO2 laser equipment had been purchased within the project in summer of 2017. To apply to the seminars, please contact project manager Inta Rimšāne:

All students wishing to study master's level programme “Laser Technology” are invited to apply for the winter enrolment. More information: or call + 371 29273276 (Pāvels Narica).


Antons Pacejs

Laboratory assistant

RTA Physical Processes and Laser Technologies

Research Centre



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