A dream about condensed milk production

Wednesday, 3. January
Rezekne Canned Milk Plant (Rēzeknes piena konservu kombināts- RPKK), which would have celebrated its sixtieth anniversary in November 2017, ceased to operate due to the financial problems in 2001. Those days when the plant produced products, which were exported to other countries, have remained in the past; however, Artūrs Āboliņš, a student of Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA), does not allow the story of RPKK to fall into oblivion.

Artūrs has a bachelor`s degree in mechatronics, and this academic year he has started studies at RTA to become a food technologist.

“My diploma paper in mechatronics was related not only to engineering but also to food technology. I have created an interesting unique facility- a small volume vacuum evaporator- crystallization equipment, which is intended for the production of food concentrates. Condensed milk, jam and juices concentrates, as well as pureed soups can be produced. Although, the main aim of the facility is production of condensed milk,” says Artūrs.

Artūrs`s dream is to produce famous condensed milk in Rezekne. The design of the produce had been thought over already. Artūrs`s friend Viktorija Loktionova is a computer graphics designer. In her diploma paper she presented the design of the entreprise- labels, business cards, blancs, and home page. Artūrs plans not only to lauch production activities, but also to create a thematic exhibition (thanks to Artūrs`s initiative to interview former employees of RPKK and to survey former premises of RPKK, many various materials have been collected and could be exhibited in a private museum).

In April 2017, Artūrs participated in Sergejs Boļšakovs Innovative Idea Competition and presented his idea of home-made condensed milk production in Rezekne. The jury commission awarded Artūrs the main prize of the competition- 1000 euros. Half of the amount has already been invested- Artūrs purchased a powerful vacuum equipment, a milking equipment element,  made in Rezekne. After the competition, in collaboration with Rezekne Business Incubator, he is working to slowly realize his dream.

In October 2017, at the technology hackathon Startup Slalom IT Rezekne Artūrs received a special award from the jury member Tom Schmit, representative of the enterprise Accelerance. Artūrs, together with his team, presented the idea of an interactive museum of condensed milk production and thanks to the participation in the competition will receive professional mentors' support for the further realization of the idea.

If somebody has any materials related to RPKK (labels, packaging, canned production, boxes, photos, stories, etc.), Artūrs asks to contact him, as these materials will help to preserve history and create a museum (phone 28367854).


Inga Kaļva-Miņina,

Information specialist, RTA Public Relations Department


Photo by Māris Justs

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