Creative ideas by new Lithuanian clothing designers at RTA

Tuesday, 5. December
Within the 6th International scientific practical conference Arts and music in cultural discourse exhibitions of foreign participants were opened. These were longstanding cooperation partners from Vilnius and Kaunas Universities of Applied Sciences representing fashion design study programmes.

The exhibition presents creative clothing design projects and their visualizations by students of the study programme Fashion design under the leadership of Loreta Gerulaitiene (Vilniaus kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences).

Curators Audronė Šakienė and Stella Justina Kasperavičienė (Kaunas University of Applied Sciences) offers visualisations of the diplomas concepts by students of the study programme Fashion Design.

Nowadays, the theme of the works is important and topical. Kotryna Juzukonytė, Deividas Katkus, Dovilė Šiškutė, Ernesta Semionovaitė, Monika Juchnevičiūtė, Vitalija Bytautaitė, and Eglė Skinderytė, students of Vilnius University of Applied Sciences, have united their works within the theme Eco fashion. The authors of the garments demonstrate their attitude towards so called fast fashion as it has a strong impact on nowadays fashion industry. The collection is composed from separate models which are made of secondary resources using different textile techniques.

The main issue of sustainable fashion is not only nature preservation and protection. It is also a great way to demonstrate the attitudes towards nowadays actual problems and turn attention to things which are really important. This exhibition is unique, as all the models are so different indicating certain topical issues. But all the models are united by many creative experiments.

The collection Metallised World by Žydrūdė Jakubauskaitė, student of the study programme Fashion design (Kaunas University of Applied Sciences), is inspired by the Futurism art movement- an artistic movement of 21st century. The idea of the collection is emphasized by creating of different textures combining various fabrics in stripes.  

Alvyda Navickaitė in her collection Contrast is looking for proportion and forms. She experiments with contrasting colours and presents strong modern sense of freedom, willingness and readiness to stand out.

The collection Made for her, by Erika Grubytė, is her gratitude to the loved ones and memories for the time spent together.

Come and enjoy!


More photos here.


Silvija Mežinska,

Curator of the exhibition (RTA)

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