Citi projekti: "Innovative methods for implementing interdisciplinarity in career counseling / Jaunas starpdisciplināras metodes izveide karjeras konsultēšanā" No. 016-1-LV01-KA201-022681

Projekta darbības laiks: 01.09.2016 - 28.02.2019 | Finansējums, EUR: 111167


Innovative methods for implementing interdisciplinarity in career counseling

Rezekne Academy of Technologies has signed a financing agreement No. 016-1-LV01-KA201-022681 with the State Education Development Agency on realization of the ERASMUS+ Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership project "Innovative Methods for Implementing interdisciplinarity in career counseling”.


01.09.2016. – 28.02.2019.


EUR 111 167,00. The project is funded by the European Union.


(1) to develop and implement innovative practices in Career education at Schools for better clarification and motivation of Career developments in local/regional economies;

(2) to promote Career guidance competence of school teachers based on interdisciplinarity among Design, Technology and Economics;

(3) to facilitate motivated and targeted career choices for learners in selected fields for better focus on the subjects and courses in secondary school and selection of Vocational Education or Higher Education Institutions.


Māris Igavens,


Dr.paed., asoc. prof. Gunārs Strods

Mg.oec., scientific assist. Māris Igavens

Dr.philol., asoc. prof. Karīne Laganovska

Dr.philol., scientific assist. Antra Kļavinska Sandra Murinska-Gaile


Tallinn University of Technology, TUT

Vytauto Didziojo Universitetas Centre for Vocational Education and Research

  1. Research into the existing needs of the enterprises of the regions in the selected sectors and the education response in the field of career guidance:

1.1. Interviews with select businesses according to the regions specifics.

1.2. Analysis of the interviews and identification of main aspects which must be included in the new in-service training course.

  1. Development of The New Study course. It will provide the final understanding of human recourses involved in the process, their professionalism levels and hourly or monthly rates they get paid in average:

2.1. Design of the structure and content of the new interdisciplinary in-service training course.

2.2. Design of application of innovative methods and technologies of teaching/learning in Career education.

  1. Attraction of prospective Class teachers and Career Counselors and development of Electronic Handbook for Career Counselors:

3.1. Design and publication of the Didactic methodological materials for a Handbook for school career consultants and class tutors;

3.2. Attraction of trainees for New Study course (Class teachers and Career Counselors).

  1. Pilot teaching of the course and approaching Youngsters in Secondary schools:

4.1. Implementation of the innovative methods and technologies in the education process in order to integrate interdisciplinarity in career guidance at Secondary school;

4.2. Career guidance for schoolchildren by retrained trainers.

  1. Follow-up seminars:

5.1. Testing, evaluating the performance of the trainers at secondary schools;

5.2. The in-service training course evaluation by the Project quality group at the Seminar.

  1. Integration full course in the existing curricula in 2 Master level program and 1 Bachelors program.
  2. Dissemination:

7.1.International conference by TUT;

7.2. Creation of web page, Social-media channels, providing availability of Intellectual outputs in Baltic countries by TUT.

  1. Information about existing needs of the enterprises of the regions in the selected sectors and the education response in the field of career guidance:

1.1. A extended report on actual needs and gaps in the Labor market within the industry;

1.2. Recommendations for Career guidance of the Youngsters;

1.3. Electronic documents of the characteristics of Design quality, Technology explanation and involved professions and skills necessary as well as costs of average hourly rates and monthly salaries by the involved professionals;

1.4. Most known partnerships with educational institutions, years spend on education, qualification, preconditions for apply.

2.The New Study Course:


1.2. Design of the structure and content of the new interdisciplinary in-service training course;

1.3. Innovative methods and techniques for teaching interdisciplinary course;

1.4. Electronic HandBook. 


1.11.2016. Starting development of The Questioniere

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